Trade Marks

Commonly referred to as brand name and enables the consumers to identify the product (whether a good or service) of a particular company so as to distinguish it from the other identical or similar products provided by competitors.


It is the right to reproduce, to issue copies, perform in public, to translate, make adaptation, or sound recording or cinematograph film, sell, import or export the work exclusively. Copyright subsists in the following works:

  • Literary work: poem, story, novel, articles etc.
  • Artistic work: drawing, sculpture, architecture etc
  • Computer programme
  • Sound recording
  • Cinematographic film


A patent is granted for a novel invention in any field of science, which has utility and is non-obvious. A Patent grants the patent owner the exclusive right to control who makes, uses, sells, offers for sale and / or imports any products or technology protected by the patent claims.


A design means any design applied to any article, or to any substance artificial or natural or partly artificial or partly natural. It must have an appeal to the eye and should have individuality in appearance.